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4.000.000 words challenge

January 1st to 17th: 173,509 words (17)
January 17th to 28th: 146,402 words (12)
January 28th to February 8th: 189,104 words (12)
February 8th to February 17th: 256,129 words (10)
                                      February 17th to March 9th: 309,733 words (21)
                                      March 9th to April 9th: 294,381 words (31)
                                      April 9th to April 25th: 225,180 words (17)
                                      April 25th to June 20th: 564,949 words (57)
                                      June 20th to September 9th: 1,295,643 words (82)
                                      September 9th to October 23rd: 666,877words (45)

                                         *January 1st to March 9th: 114,923 words

                                              Total Word Count: 4,236,944 words

*Longer fics that I don't read constantly, just a couple of pages at a time.
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So confused about the whole Lerelei in prison thing, help needed

So uhmmm, I think I missed an episode or something like that because I’m reallly confused about this whole Lorelei thing.

Or maybe I got it all wrong, it’s always a possibility.

Just, let me tell you what I remember so you can tell me where I missed something

They catch Lorelei, the CBI has her, there’s some fighting between the FBI and the CBI to see who gets to keep her custody. At some point, the CBI has to let her go. The FBI puts her in prison, then the CBI gets her custody again but when Jane goes to get her, they’ve got someone else completely under her name or number I don’t really remember. (They say they’ve got no one else under that name?)

Okay, so, Jane gets really obssesed with finding out who moved her, finds the guy (I don’t remember what he told Jane exactly, about Lorelei, maybe that’s what I’m missing).

Collapse )
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This has never happen to me before

Just one quick thing.

I ship Emma with everyone, like literally. (Okay, so maybe not literraly 'cause I mean it in the "tradiotional" way, though I see where people is coming from when they talk about Emma/Regina or maybe I just find this vid hilarious).

The Sherrif, whose name I don't even remember.
Hook (and I don't even like this Hook fella)
And now this other new guy from her past.

I think I like August best? Don't know.

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Castle Newsletter from Monday September 10th to Tuesday September 11th

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Thank you, anon

So... last night I got a mail from LJ, someone had gifted me with 2 months of paid time.

I have no clue which of you might have done that, but, seriously, thank you very much. I really, really, appreaciate it.
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New family member!

Hey, guys, meet the new addition to my "obsessed with technology" family.

It's a key and her name is Dawn. Fitting, huh? If you get it, yay! If you don't? Where were you when everyone else was watching Buffy?

32gb, USB.

It was 97euros (2 keys, one for me, one for my sister) + 5 for shipping and we got them for 29 (including shipping), so it was a GREAT deal!